James on Upcoming Gov't Mule Release

As Metallica prepares to enter the studio, you can get an early taste of Hetfield as James performs with Gov't Mule on the track "Drivin' Rain" from an upcoming multi-artist album titled Crank It Up. MCA Records, in a joint venture with NASCAR and Fox Sports, will be releasing the album in North America on May 21, 2002. With cars and driving as the theme, the record features new recordings and remixes not found anywhere else by Buckcherry, Tantric, Fear Factory, Static X, Slipknot, Slayer, Staind, Les Claypool, Rob Zombie, and others.

Metallica Pays Tribute to Aerosmith

Today in Los Angeles, April 14th, MTV was taping their latest episode of "mtv:ICON." This show is a tribute to the legendary band Aerosmith. James, Lars, and Kirk were there to show their appreciation of the group and to give testimonials on what Aerosmith has meant to them as a band and as people. This was the first public appearance of Metallica since James Hetfield's exit from rehab.

The event was held at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, CA. On the way to the event I rode with Kirk and he was preparing his speech. I could see the excitement in his eyes: "Damn, I am running out of paper, I've got so many things I want to say." He was talking about how much of an impact Aerosmith has had on him and said, "I saw them in 1978 at the Day On The Green festival in Oakland and that changed my life. They blew everyone else on the bill away, including AC/DC and Van Halen."


Do You Call This an Update?

Last Friday we bumped into Lars and Kirk. We thought this would be a great time to get an update from them about what is going on in 'Tallica-land. By asking a serious question, of course we did not receive a serious answer. Even though we did not get any real Metallica news, we still wanted to share this video with you all. Please do not take it too seriously, 'cause we don't!

We have some news for YOU guys (yeah right...)

Another Update from James

In the latest issue of the Met Club Magazine, So What!, there is an update from James... a handwritten note. We thought we share it with the rest of the world.

Berlinger and Sinofsky Film Project

Eagle-eyed viewers of the Paradise Lost 2: Revelations, DVD will have noticed that filmmakers, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, mentioned in their biographical section that there was a future project centered around Metallica. It's all true. At the invitation of the guys, Berlinger and Sinofsky were invited to start filming the band writing and recording, as well as gaining unprecedented access to their private worlds, starting last April. Nothing has been off-limits, meaning the duo have amassed hundreds of hours of footage embracing everything from Phil Towle sessions to 2 am riffs, and there's a lot more to be done. "We've only shot 30 or 40% of it, so Joe and I would be hard-pressed to define the project because it's constantly changing," says Sinofsky. "We told Cliff (Burnstein) when he asked what kind of film it's going to be, 'why don't you ask Lars, James and Kirk what…

To All @Metallica.com E-mail Users

We're very sorry to tell you that we will no longer be offering the metallica.com e-mail for free or as a subscription service. The free metallica.com e-mail had been offered for about two years, and while we know that the service was not always up to our usual high standards (cough!), every effort was made to provide you, the fans, with a cool FREE e-mail address.

Digging back into our somewhat technologically underdeveloped brains, two years ago it seemed like everyone was stoked about the endless possibilities on the web. As we were bombarded with technology companies promising us new and amazing features with bells and whistles, we waded through some crazy propositions. The e-mail service seemed like a no brainer - the cost of the service would be covered by a few tolerable banner ads, and anyone who is a Metallica fan lets the world know with their e-mail address. All for…

Paul Baloff... Memories from Kirk Hammett

Paul Baloff, the original singer for Exodus, passed away on Feb 2, 2002. Exodus were true pioneers of metal, rising from the infamous Bay Area Thrash scene which produced such bands as Testament, Violence, Forbidden Evil, Death Angel and Metallica.

EXODUS Pre-82(Tom Hunting, Kirk Hammett, Paul Baloff, Jeff Andrews, Gary Holt)

Between 1981-1983, before joining Metallica, Kirk Hammett was a guitar player for Exodus. He wanted to share some personal thoughts with you on Paul.

Another Addition to the Hetfield Family

James Hetfield and his wife Francesca gave birth to a healthy baby daughter on Thursday January 17th. Marcella Francesca Hetfield, born in San Francisco, weighed in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces and 21 1/4 inches. Marcella, her proud parents, sister Cali, 3 1/2 and brother Castor 20 months, are home and doing well.

Kirk - Hall of Fame & Behind the Music

HALL OF FAME:Recognized for his guitar virtuoso, Kirk Hammett has been selected by the readers of "Guitar World" magazine as the first recipient of the annual Hall of Fame Award.

The March issue (on newsstands February 1, 2002) will include an interview with Kirk tracing the history of Metallica, as well as covering the present with a look into the future. The piece will include new pix along with never before seen photos.

Kirk hard at workGuitar World Photo session

"Guitar World" editor Brad Tolinski thinks the readers made a great choice with Kirk saying "he's really contributed something significant to modern music."

BEHIND THE MUSICVH1 will have an episode of "Behind the Music" focusing on the band Anthrax. Anthrax and Metallica were formed around the same time and have a great history together. Kirk was one of the guests to be interviewed for the episode.

After Metallica signed…

Lars Babble...

What is Lars and Kirk up to these days? We tracked them down on November 20th and found them over at Kirk's house. They spent the afternoon doing a long in depth interview for their Fanclub magazine So What!

Interview Time

"It's all good, alive and well. Got a couple of interesting things to tell you about, very soon. Lot's of rumours out there to be addressed and lots of truth coming your way."

"I am sitting here in Kirk Hammett's game room. We have sat here for the last couple of hours and spilled our guts out...", explained Lars. The interview that was conducted will be published in issue #4 of this years mag. Issue 3 is at the printer right now and members of the fanclub can view the cover and read about some of the content in the Members Area.

Update from James

Yes folks, we have word from James, and the news is all good. His recovery has gone exceedingly well, he is back out, about and feeling rather good about life. And as he has since this process started for him, James thoroughly appreciates all the support, messages and patience you've all offered.

"My rough road has become smoother reading the show of support from the friends I've met through Metallica," he says. "Thank you. They move me deeply."

And we can say with absolute certainty that (such has become the Metalli-mantra) your patience will be rewarded. "My music and lyrix have always been therapy for me," James added. "Without this God-given gift I don't know where I'd be. And now I TRULY feel the impact and connection it's made with others."

We're sure you join us all in saying "nice one James and see ya soon buddy."

Surfers Beware

Surfers in Santa Barbara, CA at the end of August did not have to fear sharks, but instead they were faced with the threat of Kirk Hammett joining them. According to reports nobody got hurt...

We wanted to find out what was going on in his mind and his world lately and therefore Metallica.com joined him for a weekend of fun. And yes...how did the Police get involved in all of this?? Answers to this and much more will come in an in-depth report in issue #3 of the FanClub members So What! magazine as well as in the Members Area. Video clips and exclusive pictures from Kirk's personal collection will be shared too. As Kirk explained, "I have found my third reason for living...family, music and now surfing."

Looking for action?

Action found!

September 12, 2001 News

MetalliBash Surprise

"By the fans, of the fans, for the fans", was the slogan of the night at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco on September 1st. A Metallica convention was held that was put together by various fans across the U.S. Throughout the evening fans interacted with each other and goodie packs were raffled out. A few hours in to the night the cover band Creeping Death took the stage.

When asked how long their set would be, the answer was "We are going to play at least 2 hours, but we have material for about 6 hours". The set consisted mainly of songs up until the Black Album. About 1 1/2 hours in to the set we suddenly had some familiar faces headbanging in the crowd. Lars and Kirk watched the song "One" and then they got the request from Creeping Death to join them on stage to jam.

Without hesitating Lars and Kirk took the stage and burst straight into "Die, Die My Darling". After that…

September 12, 2001 News

Our Deepest Sympathies and Thoughts...

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a truly awful day in both the US and world history. Many lives have been senselessly lost, and many more affected and scarred by the sheer enormity of this tragedy. We've all been reading some of the postings on the message boards. The compassion, intelligence and emotions shown by Metalli-fans towards each other has been an awesome sight to behold. It is particularly great that within the Boards, there have been no outbursts of hatred or ignorance, only compassion and support which are the ONLY things that can TRULY help right now. We wish to add our sincerest thoughts and prayers to those directly affected by the tragedy and those who (like many of us) feel thoroughly shaken and destabilized by the events. Our words are meager in comparison to the tragedies, but they're all we can offer right now. Again, we are so sorry.

There have also been a couple of…

September 12, 2001 News

Metallica Statement to the Fans

To Our Friends: We would like you all to know that James Hetfield has entered a rehabilitation facility to undergo treatment for alcoholism and other addictions. James has entered an undisclosed facility, and he will continue to receive treatment until further notice. Until then, we have postponed all current activities, including recording sessions for our new album, as well as the July 29th launch party for Metallica.com.

We have always thought of you all as family, and wanted you to know before this information gets out through other sources. James is working hard toward recovery, and needless to say he has our full support. We trust that you will appreciate the sensitive nature of this matter, and respect our wishes to give James the time and privacy he needs to deal with his problems.

Until then, thank you in advance for keeping James in your thoughts and prayers, and we look…

Napster and Metallica Reach Accord


Metallica and Napster Inc. today announced the settlement of their legal dispute.

The settlement will enable the parties to work together to make Napster a positive vehicle for artists and music enthusiasts alike.

"Metallica has taken a courageous stand and a tough and principled approach to the protection of its name and creative output, and that of other artists. They brought to our attention essential artists' rights issues which we've addressed in our new technology. We respect what they've done and regret any harm which this dispute may have caused them," said Hank Barry, interim chief executive officer of Napster.

"Metallica is a band that continues to be ground-breaking and on the cutting edge. In a career that dates to 1981, Metallica has been in the forefront of creative, technological and marketing…

It's a Boy!

Lars, Skylar and Myles welcomed the newest addition to their family on Sunday, May 6th. Layne Ulrich was born at 3:26PM with a weight of 7lbs. 9oz. and a length of 18-1/2 inches. Parents are doing well and big brother Myles is looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

Studio Update From Lars

It's been nearly two weeks since the band entered the studio and there is some very interesting material being produced. Yesterday was the last day of recording/jamming before a short break, while Lars goes on maternity leave. The band finished up the night by listening to all of the "tunes" they've recorded so far. Excitement was in the air and heads were a bangin'!! Among the visitors to the studio was none other than Lars' friend Sean Penn. After a short drinking session to end the night, goodbyes were exchanged and everyone went their separate ways. Recording will resume soon!

Here is a message to everyone out there from our buddy Lars: "is there life out there in Metali-land??? lars here, live and direct from our secret location in san francisco, where we are about 5 hours in to our day and coming up with some sick ugly new fucked up jams. me, kirk, james, bob rock and all…

Ktulu Wins a Grammy

On February 21st, Metallica won their sixth Grammy. They took home the award for "Best Rock Instrumental Performance" for their symphonic performance of "The Call of Ktulu," from S&M.

Enter Fan Can #4

If you thought Metallica is taking a rest, you are dead wrong. The boys are rolling along at full speed. The next project for the band is to complete and release the much anticipated Fan Can #4! The Fan Can is a FAN CLUB-ONLY collection that contains material available EXCLUSIVELY to Club Members Only packed into a paint can. MetClub members can also enjoy an exclusive video report from Lars shot yesterday in his home studio. If you are already a member, check out the Members Area. Not a member? Time to JOIN!